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Three Ways We’ve Spruced Up The Walls In Our Home

Decor | June 13, 2018


Painting your walls a new color is definitely a great way to achieve change or update a room in your home, and we are currently undertaking painting our kitchen cabinets to brighten the space. But we’ve done some various projects lately that are different from merely painting and offer a new look, great dimension, and texture.

Creating an accent wall by embracing different techniques and treatments is a great way to add a unique feel to your living space. 

Further, we’ve chosen to only do one wall in the spaces, creating an accent wall.  It’s been a refreshing change to each of these spaces that got a spruced up wall.


First, we created a rustic wood wall by using river wood pieces from Timberchic.  I shared all about it on my post found here.  This wall has proven to be the perfect touch for my son’s room. This reclaimed wood wall immediately makes a space feel warm and cozy.  I am a big fan of whites, but have to say, that in this limited usage the wood was exactly right.


Second, we utilized wallpaper from Milton and King to create this incredibly real chippy wood wall.  You can read more about this wall here.  It is the first wall people see when they walk into our home, and I cannot tell you how many comments we’ve gotten about it.  It’s a great conversation starter.  For under 2 hours, our dining room got an awesome farmhouse style update with wallpaper.


Third, my youngest daughter’s room has been going through a mini makeover, which started with her getting our old bed.  One of the updates included these gorgeous wall decals found here.  These large, peel-n-stick flowers were simple to apply and make for a beautiful backdrop to her bed.  Decals are a wonderful option for temporary spaces, as they are just as simple to peel back off. 

Thinking outside the box can be a fun, new adventure and add great new texture, dimension, and beauty to your walls.  Though painting is always a good option, these unique walls are sure to be something you’ll enjoy in spaces throughout your home!

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