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The Number One Way I Instantly Added Farmhouse Style To My Home

Decor | February 5, 2018


I can say with confidence, the number one way I’ve instantly added Farmhouse style to my home has been from my attending Pickin’ and Vintage/Farmhouse pop-up events.  

I’ve attended two so far and I didn’t even have to spend a lot of money to walk away with a reasonable amount of pieces and saw major results from it. And so, I wanted to share with you all how it worked for me.

I knew going in that I could get lost in the smaller décor items (because let me tell you, these events are chock full of goodness), but my goal was to look for the bigger impact pieces that could be used several ways and throughout the year. As you can see in the photo below, at the Vintage Pickin’ Market right here in Alabama (that happens 2x/year), I found these chippy, antique, and larger pieces. I am definitely not recommending just purchasing bigger items, but am saying that if you are on a budget like me, choose things that will be eye-catching in your home and say farmhouse in a big way. 


I also bought multiple items from one vendor, instead of just one thing from many vendors. From my experience, the vendors will work on lowering the cost if you are buying more than one thing. Plus, it’s fun to get to meet new people and have them tell you the stories behind the pieces you are purchasing.


Another reason these events/fairs are my go-to’s for adding farmhouse style to my home is that you get to spend time with the people you bring with you PLUS you get to meet new friends too. My daughter, pictured here, got to go with me to the City Farmhouse Pop-up.  And, at the City Farmhouse Pop-up Fair, I got to meet Ashlee and Jenn! 


I encourage you to check into events that are coming near you this Spring/Summer.  It will give you time as well, to include friends/family as well as others who you may know through Instagram or other social media channels to meet you there. Plus, you can start saving now to go and have your budget ready.

If you can get there early on the day of the event, do it.  I recommend at least an hour before the gates open. Trust me, people start lining up early! Also, if there is an option of preview or early bird day, I encourage you to do go for it. Big pieces and most wanted items go quickly at these. You don’t want to miss out on a fabulous piece just because you didn’t pay $5 more to make it for the early bird shopping time. 


Do you attend these markets/events/fairs? If so, I’d love to hear about your own experiences.  

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