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Lovely Valentine’s Day Farmhouse Decor Ideas

Decor | January 26, 2022

When decorating for Valentine’s Day this year, I wanted to stay in line with my modern farmhouse style. I can’t wait for you to check out these lovely decor ideas that are also festive! Scroll down to check them out.


Lovely Valentine’s Day Farmhouse Decor Ideas

I had so much fun decorating for Valentine’s Day this year. If you know me, you know that I encourage you to have a “neutral base” with your bigger ticket home items (i.e., sofas, chairs, beds) so when it comes to seasonal decorating you can easily add splashes of colors and textures to what is already there.

Not only does this create a budget-friendly year-round approach to decorating but it allows you to change out easily varying items to your home.

Felt heart garland across the table.

My home is in line with the modern farmhouse style, so these Valentine’s Day decor ideas, reflect that.  These lovely ideas are sure to get you in the festive spirit of this love day.

Let’s get started!

Valentine’s Day Decor Ideas

Heart Garland

Drape two strands of garland in diagonal for this look.

Garland is always a good idea for farmhouse style! I have seasonal garland in our home throughout the year and this cute felt heart garland is perfect for Valentine’s decor. 

I simply draped two strands across the mirror and one across the front of my console table. I attached it with painter’s tape to easily remove when the holiday is over.

Wooden Heart Bowl

Wooden heart bowl

I have seen these all over and love them! You can do so many things with these little heart bowls.

You can serve to hold keys or candies! You can also drape a smaller set of wood bead garlands and place it atop a stack of books. This one is so affordable!


Candles add a romantic glow!

Candles are a given, right?! Any style of decor will have candles for Valentine’s Day because they are inherently romantic.

I used pillar candles found here, and smaller red votive candles here. Other ideas include mason jar candles like these and setting the smaller votive candles inside mercury glass holders. 

Heart String Lights

Heart String lights

We’ve just come out of the Christmas holidays, and any excuse to keep the glow of string lights going I am game for!

Check out these cute hearts, string lights I found here.  You can set them in your kitchen as I did, or drape them across a mantel.  They give off a nice ambient glow in addition to the candles. I love these red string lights too!

Heart-shaped Candies

Wooden heart bowl on a console table.

Heart-shaped candies are a great, budget-friendly way to add splashes of color around your home.

I set mine in the wooden bowl, but you can also pour some inside of a hurricane and add faux tulips for a cute Valentine’s day idea! Get creative.

Faux or real Florals

Faux florals in a ceramic vase

Flowers and Valentine’s Day go together, don’t they?!

I used faux florals here on our console table, using pink peonies. I also love the look of red/pink/white tulips for Valentine’s decor.

Valentine’s Mugs

Valentine’s Day mug rack

If you know me, you know how much I love coffee…hence the coffee station on our kitchen countertops haha!

I simply added a few Valentine’s Day mugs to our mug tree that mixed in with the white ones. You can find the two-pack I bought this year here.

Wood beads in a bowl on the console table

Are you ready to try out these Valentine’s Day decor ideas? I hope you find these helpful as you spread the love around your own home.

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