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How To Style A Summer Mantel In 3 Easy Steps

Decor | June 5, 2019



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It is officially summer! You may hear people in the decor world talk about “decorating for summer,” but what does that mean exactly? While not everyone’s summer style is the same, what that typically includes is splashes of bright and happy colors, seasonal greenery (faux or real), patriotic decor (red/white/blue), lighter textures and fabrics, summer scents, and more. 


Keeping that in mind, I wanted to refresh our spring mantel and style my summer mantel in an overall light and bright feel, one that has plenty of texture, but doesn’t feel heavy. While I used a few splashes of orange in our kitchen, I wanted to add another citrus color in our living with lemons.


You too can style a summer mantel using what you already have, or by shopping for new pieces using the steps below. These steps will help you create a look that can be applied to many seasons by just swapping out colors, textures, and themes. I am including all the pieces I used for this look for you to easily recreate.


Step One: Choose an anchor piece and place atop your mantel.


Summer mantel inspiration board I created.

Summer mantel inspiration board I created.

As you can see above, I started with a blank canvas. I knew I wanted something that would provide contrast to the white shiplap wall, so I chose to use this large wood arch as my anchor piece. I simply leaned it against the wall and added a magnolia wreath. You can also use a lemon wreath like this one here.


Step 2: Choose pieces to fill in around the anchor piece and add garland.


Think of the top of your anchor piece as the top point of a triangle, then imagine with your eyes drawing down the lines to complete the triangle. The other two points (one on each side) is where you want to fill in, to “complete the triangle.” I chose to add another layer to the arch by leaning this wooden sign on the right. To the left, I choose to use white candlesticks (similiar look here). The key is to choose pieces that add interest and are inline with your theme or style.


Adding garland to your mantel is like the magic trick of this whole post! This finishing filler on top of a mantel is like the icing on the cake. While I chose to use garland that has lemons, you can choose whatever garland your prefer, just make sure it is reflective of the season. I really like this one too! For instance, you’d not add flocked, pine garland for summer but instead perfect for Christmas and/or winter time.


Step 3: Decorate around the fireplace hearth.


While it doesn’t have to be extravagant, your mantel will look complete by placing items around the fireplace hearth. There are many ways you can do this, but I chose a basket with this summer pillow and blanket on one side, while this tall black lantern sits on the other side. In general, your fireplace is not used during these months, so feel free to place pieces in front of it. Other examples could be a bench, trunk, or two matching ottomans.



Summer Mantel Product list:

  1. Lemon Wreath found here.

  2. Live Simply sign found here.

  3. Black Lantern found here.

  4. Candlesticks found here.

  5. Wood Arch found here.

As you can see, applying these three easy steps is an applicable and easy way to style your mantel. By adding citrus fruits and colors, faux or real seasonal greenery, and seasonal pieces (like the signs and arch) you can create a perfect summer look that has a fresh and inviting look for these summer days.


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  1. Katarina - says:

    Love the vivid citrus colors and your items of choice for the decoration part! Your summer mantel is absolutely gorgeous and the fact that it takes only 3 simple steps to make it only adds to its appeal. Thank you so much for sharing this!

    • Brendt Blanks says:

      Thank you so much for your kind feedback. I was hoping that the 3 steps would be encouraging and feel doable, so grateful that appealed to you as I had hoped. I know yours will turn out lovely!
      Grateful you stopped by!! Brendt

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