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How To Pull Your Interior Spaces Together With These 3 Steps

Decor | February 20, 2019


Welcome back to part three of my three-part series on a complete guide to creating interior spaces, and in this article, how to pull your interior spaces together. I am joining four other bloggers who are sharing their complete guides as well and have linked to their guides at the end of this post.

You’ll want to head over to check them out; they’re full of invaluable information.

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How To Pull Your Interior Spaces Together With These 3 Steps


Do you want your home to look different and unique? Last week, we talked about how to figure out what you want. Now, let’s talk about how to turn your ideas into reality and the steps to pulling your interior spaces together. We’re taking our master bedroom as an example. We’ll show you how to make your ideas work and make you proud of the final result.

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Before you begin to pull your interior spaces together, do a final check! Here’s a list of the things you’ll need to consider to make the space complete:

Rug or layered rugs
Enough seating for everyone
Storage containers for items like extra blankets, pillows, books, and magazines
Tables to hold any other items you’ll need in the space
– Consider repurposing items you already have
– Think about the functionality of the space

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These ideas can also help you create a free mood board to ensure everything looks good together and you don’t have to return anything.

Shopping Online Vs. In-Store

Shopping can be a fun experience if you plan your purchases ahead of time and stick to your budget. Try to avoid impulse buying so you don’t get stuck with something you don’t want or can’t afford. You can also save time and money by shopping online.

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Make sure to check if the product comes assembled or if you have to build it yourself. If you have to assemble furniture, some companies offer an assembly service charge that you can add to your purchase.

Shopping in stores gives you the chance to feel and see the product in person, but you should check if it can be delivered to your home before you buy it.

Lastly, look around for discounts on holidays – many stores offer great deals around this time.



Setting It Up

Let’s decorate the room! Start by laying down a rug and then add more significant furniture pieces. Afterward, add small decorative pieces like throw pillows, blankets, and candles. Lastly, add wall decor.

If you don’t like where you put it, use command strips to easily change it. You can think of your rooms as fluid, which means that you can move things around over time. That’s what makes decorating fun, you can always keep changing it!

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Are you feeling equipped to pull your interior spaces together? I hope that you will take on the challenge to apply the steps I’ve covered in this three-part series to create the space that you and your loved ones will enjoy.

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Now, I encourage you to gain even more tips and tricks from my talented friends below. Each of them is sharing how they bring a space to completion too. It’s so wonderful to hear these differing perspectives and how they each create spaces!

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  1. Christine E. says:

    What is the paint color you have on your walls? I love it! Thanks

  2. Kimberly Ingram says:

    Christine — don’t know if you’ll get this but she’s using a grayish taupe on her walls. I’ve found it goes with just about everything and though I’ve never been a "white walls" girl, it’s become my favorite go to color. Hope that helps!

  3. MM says:

    What color is the solid wall behind the dresser, please?

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