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How To Pull Your Interior Spaces Together With These 3 Steps

Decor | February 20, 2019


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Welcome back to part three of my three-part series on a complete guide to creating interior spaces. I am joining four other bloggers who are sharing their complete guides as well, and have linked to their guides at the end of this post. You’ll want to head over to check them out; they’re full of invaluable information.

Together we’re tackling questions like, “Where do I start when updating/creating a space I love in our home?” Or, “I know what I want, but when I get to the store, I feel so lost.” Last week we talked all about the realization stage when it comes to creating spaces you are sure to love and enjoy (found here; to start from the beginning of this series, see my “5 Places To Find Home Decor Inspiration” found here.) This week, we’re pulling together this information. We’re talking about how to implement your ideas efficiently and feeling well pleased about the end result. As I’ve mentioned previously, I’m using our master bedroom as my example throughout this guide.


Final Checklist For Designing Complete Spaces

In part two of this series, I shared how to create a free mood board here. A mood board can give you an idea of those pieces you have chosen and how they will look together in a space. It’s a great trial and error tool so that you are not returning purchases because you are not pleased with how it all looks together.

Although the mood board typically includes the bigger items like wall colors/wallpaper, furniture, and inspirational pieces, it may not have every piece going into the room. Just something to keep in mind as you budget and plan.

Also, many of my rooms have been created from pieces we already had. “Shop” your own home before buying. Don’t forget to consider a combination of buying and collaborating with companies (more on that here if you are interested in this social media relationship).

Here is a short final checklist of things you’ll need to consider (that may or may not have been on your mood board)::

  1. Rug or layered rugs and here are some of my favorites:

    Norcross Chevron Jute Ivory Area Rug found here.

    Gray Honeycomb Labyrinth Area Rug found here.

    Gray Moroccan Trellis Area Rug found here.

    Natural Jute Braided Area Rug found here.

    Safavieh Kenya Pierce Geometric Diamonds Fringe Area Rug found here.

  2. Lamps and here are some of my favorites:

    Option one here.

    Option two here.

    Option three here.

    Option four here.

  3. Ample seating and here are some of my favorites:

    Armchair found here.

    Modern Farmhouse style armchair here.

    Wingback chair found here.

    Dorel Living Jaya Accent Chair in Black Stripe found here.

  4. Storage for things like extra blankets, pillows, books, magazines

    Option one here.

    Option two found here.

    Option three found here.

    Option four found here.

  5. Surfaces (i.e., coffee tables for living rooms, side tables by the bed) to hold items you would have in the space.

    Coffee Table found here.

    Entryway Storage Bench found here.

    Foyer Table found here.

    9 Drawer Double Dresser found here.

For an additional checklist, you can also read about the functionality of a space from my last post of this series here, as this helps tie in the above final checklist for creating your space.

Shopping Online Vs. In Store

Shopping can be fun when you’ve thought through the pieces you need for your space and planned for them in your budget. All the steps leading up to shopping in my series will help you dodge impulse buying and regrets (both of which can be time zappers and financial strains). Shopping online definitely has its perks, like being able to sit in the comfort of your home. One tip I’ve learned from online shopping is to pay attention to whether or not something comes assembled. This can be a big piece that people overlook when doing online shopping and when their furniture arrives in 14,569 pieces, they are shocked (haha)! So, if you are not up to putting furniture together, typically a company will offer an assembly service charge where they will line up a professional in your area to come put it together and tack on that price to your purchase. It’s a great service!

Shopping in stores allows you get a great feel for the piece in person, especially if you like to feel textures, etc. It is also an immediate way to get the piece you want for your space. You do want to consider though, the time you will invest going to the store and, if buying a bigger piece, can it be delivered to your home.

Both have positives and negatives; it may vary from piece to piece when buying for your space. One final tip is to shop around the time of a holiday! Many stores online and in the store offer great discounts on holidays.


Setting It Up

Yay! Now for the fun part: setting the room up. I think it probably goes without saying, but you want to start from the ground up, in other words, place your rug down first. Then begin adding the larger furniture pieces and then the smaller accent pieces. The last steps will be to place the smaller decorative items about, as well as, wall decor. If your wall decor allows, using command strips provides the option of moving the decor to a different wall if over time you do not love where it’s been placed. And, it dodges lots of holes in the wall ( may or may have learned this the hard way haha!). It’s OK to think of your rooms as “fluid,” meaning that you may over the weeks ahead move some things around. This doesn’t mean you made a decision that was “wrong,” but rather you may like a lamp in a different place than where you had originally placed it.

I love change, so even though I plan my spaces, swapping around throw pillows, blankets and candles throughout the season gives me that change that is affordable and fun!


Are you feeling equipped to create your dream space now? I hope that you will take on the challenge to apply these steps I’ve covered in this three-part series to create the space that you and your loved ones will enjoy.

Product List For The Our Master Bedroom:

  • Headboard found here.

  • Similar Rug found here.

  • Mirror found here.

  • Similar lamps found here.

  • Similar dresser found here.

  • Similar Bench found here.

Now, I encourage you to gain even more tips and tricks from my talented friends below. Each of them are sharing how they bring a space to completion too. It’s so wonderful to hear these differing perspectives and how they each create spaces!

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  1. Christine E. says:

    What is the paint color you have on your walls? I love it! Thanks

  2. Kimberly Ingram says:

    Christine — don’t know if you’ll get this but she’s using a grayish taupe on her walls. I’ve found it goes with just about everything and though I’ve never been a "white walls" girl, it’s become my favorite go to color. Hope that helps!

  3. MM says:

    What color is the solid wall behind the dresser, please?

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