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How To Host A Fun St. Patrick’s Day Party For Kids

Family | March 7, 2021

Table setting for each guest.

How To Host A Fun St. Patrick’s Day Party For Kids

Don’t get stuck wondering how to host a fun St. Patrick’s Day party for kids! In this blog post, I’ve got all your bases covered. A St. Patrick’s Day party can be so much fun for your kids! I am sharing my decorating tips, food ideas, and games for this festive holiday in March.

St. Patrick’s Day party, full view of the table.

I had not tried my hand at hosting a St. Patrick’s Day party before, but this year I wanted to give it a try! After some brainstorming, I was ready to pull together festive and fun decor and cheerful food ideas for kids. Plus, my son helped me come up with games he and his friends would enjoy.

Balloon and streamer wall

St. Patrick’s Day Balloon And Streamer Wall:

If you’re wondering how to host a fun St. Patrick’s Day party for kids, the first thing you need is decorations. We created a simple but colorful balloon and streamer wall. I just used painter’s tape so that I didn’t have to worry about peeling the paint off the wall. I hung up the streamers vertically on an empty wall in our kitchen while Paul blew up the balloons. We made a great team, haha! Then we just taped the balloons as well to the wall, using a total of 12. 

Rainbow with a pot of gold brownies

The next thing you’ll need to host a fun St. Patrick’s Day party for kids is food! Here’s how I designed our St. Patrick’s Day party tablescape. The key to a great tablescape is all about layering! Here are the layers I used in this kid-friendly table decor.

St. Patrick’s Day Party Table Decor And Food Ideas:

  1. First, I placed a white paper tablecloth down.
  2. Next, I made a streamer “runner” going down the middle of the table.
  3. Then, I created some height by using a clear glass jug filled with battery-powered lights and St. Patrick’s Day-themed decor coming out of it.
  4. After that were individual place settings, which included faux wooden chargers, green paper plates (dinner then dessert size), St. Patrick’s Day napkins, and individual plastic pots with gold coins.
  5. Lastly, the food! My mom is an excellent baker and created two homemade desserts, perfect for this kid-friendly party—the rainbow with a pot of gold brownies and her amazing sugar cookies with green glaze.  You can find the recipe for these sugar cookies here. Each guest also received a mason jar of green milk with a shamrock ribbon tied around the rim.

Individual table setting for each guest.

A quick party favor idea? Check your local grocery store (we found ours at Target) for the St. Patrick’s Day-themed Lucky Charms cereal.  When you pour milk over the green marshmallows, eventually, the milk turns green.  We poured the dry cereal into clear gift bags and tied them with a green, plaid ribbon for them to take home.

St. Patrick’s Day party favors!

Then, Paul and I brainstormed some games we could play during the party.  Below is what we ended up playing with his friends that attended our St. Patrick’s Day party.

Hide the coin game!

St. Patrick’s Day Kids Party Games:

  • Musical Balloons: We had some extra balloons on hand from the balloon wall, so we counted one fewer balloon than the children playing.  For us, it was two balloons on the floor, for three boys.  When I played the music, they’d circle the balloons. When the music stopped, whoever got a balloon and popped it, stayed till the last one standing.
  • Flip The Gold Coin: Each guest took their coins out of their pot and tried flipping them to go inside the pot.  They loved this game!
  • Hide The Coins: You could do this inside or outside, depending on what works best for you.  It was a pretty day here in our city, so each boy took turns hiding the coins for the other boys to then come to find.  It’s the St. Patrick’s Day version of an Easter egg hunt!
  • St. Patrick’s Day Coloring Kits

Having fun at the party!

So that’s my guide for how to host a fun St. Patrick’s Day party for kids! It is a very do-able party that I hope you will feel inspired to try your hand at. This was such a great Saturday morning for my son and his friends.  We will do it again next year!  What do you think?

Each guest received a party favor.

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