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“Getting In The Field” Of Our Children’s Lives

Family | March 14, 2018


Last night I got to catch the tail end of my 4-year-old son’s t-ball game. My husband had taken him to the game as my daughters and I had previously committed to eating with my parents and siblings (and all their kids) at the same time his game was scheduled.

When we arrived, it was actually perfect timing. Just as I was walking up to watch the game, he was up to bat. And, BAM! He hit the ball strong to 3rd base and ran as fast as his little legs could go to 1st. Yay, Paul!

The game continued on for about 15 more minutes before it was over. I just kept thinking, goodness, he’s already so much better this game than he was last game.


His last game was his first one, granted, and he still had (and has) a lot to learn. But my husband was unable to attend due to a prior preaching engagement. Some of the boy’s dads were in the field with their sons, helping guide/coach them how to play. My son, though he has a great coach, was just overall a bit confused on what to do without my husband there by his side.  

What caught my attention in this second game was my husband’s presence and the impact it immediately had on my son’s understanding, and ultimately his performance. He ran faster, swung the bat harder, and overall just seemed to have more pep in his step.


This struck me on a deeper level too. When we, as parents, get “in the field” of our children’s lives and help “coach” them on new and oftentimes overwhelming new journeys, it can help alleviate confusion, fear, and a feeling of restlessness in their lives. Instead, when we are intentionally present in their lives as new things come their way, it can bring confidence, direction, and hope. Our presence equips them to embrace new things with more joy. 

What a great reminder of the importance of being present in our children’s lives, each age, and stage along the way.  


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