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Farmhouse How-To: Styling a Rustic, Valentine’s Day Tiered Tray

Holidays | January 20, 2018


This second post of my three-part series focuses on a Valentine’s specific styling of a tiered tray. (You can access the first post HERE.)  Tiered trays are a big part of farmhouse décor and are not limited to kitchen use. These pieces are multi-use! Tiered trays can sit atop a coffee bar holding mugs, coffee fixings, and utensils, and they are equally at home on a bedroom dresser holding jewelry, perfumes, and collectibles.  

Tiered trays are a great multi-purpose piece that can be changed out seasonally and meet various functions and needs. Which make them perfect for Valentines. 

My favorite tray (you can find a similar one here or here) sits atop our breakfast table in our kitchen. This tray most commonly holds some of my Rae Dunn pieces as well as various other farmhouse pieces and kitchen tools such as wooden spoons. Because I like for my  holiday/seasonal décor to still line up with farmhouse décor, it was fairly easy to turn my tiered tray into a Valentine’s themed one. 


I encourage you to start with some common elements that will be repeated on your tray. For example, I choose Rae Dunn pottery, wood tones, typographical signs, and splashes of whimsical Valentine’s items. I have found that it helps to start with the larger items first and place them in a zig-zag pattern on your tray. Then repeat with the other elements you’ve chosen, moving to smaller items as you continue to style.  Farmhouse style encourages mixing textures and layers. So, the wooden beads help add depth to the bowls while the silver spoons add a layer of vintage and timeworn appeal, which is trademark farmhouse style.  

You can get this look budget friendly too! These Valentine’s items were either from Hobby Lobby (40% off!) or the Dollar Tree. Shop around to find deals, and only buy what fits into your pre-existing elements. I spent a total of $8 this year, and $2 last year making this a $10 makeover! (A big-time budget win!)


So give it a go and have fun decorating your tiered tray. I’d love to hear how you use yours, as well as, what you do to style yours for various holidays especially Valentine’s day.

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