DIY Stamped Book Stacks

Crafts | April 16, 2020


[This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by JOANN; all opinions and reviews are my own.]

DIY Stamped Book Stacks


This DIY home decor project is easy to do and adds a great touch to any room in your home. By using stamps, paint, and some old books, you can create these farmhouse style stamped book stacks. Plus, they add an element of personalization by using whatever words, names, or saying you want to stamp on your book.


I’ve seen stamped book stacks all over Pinterest and on Instagram. I’ve always loved the way they look in a home and finally tried my hand at making them. This stay-at-home time has presented an excellent opportunity to get creative and craft! I will be sharing with you how to make them with tips and tricks along the way. Ready to get started?


I found everything I needed online at JOANN! They have a couple of options, including curbside pick up and ship to home. They are my go-to source for any craft I do, or our children make. Here are the supplies you need to gather for these stamped books.

Stamped Book Project Supplies:

  1. Alphabet Stamp set(s) found here.

  2. Grid lined stamp block found here

  3. Ink Pad found here.

  4. White Chalk Paint found here.

  5. Flat paintbrush found here.

  6. Glue gun + glue sticks

  7. Embellishments such as greenery/florals, ribbon, and twine.

  8. Old books (at least 3)



First, you will take off the front and back covers of your books (including the spine). Then, look for the page at the beginning of the book with the least amount of text to make painting easier. Tear off the pages ahead of that one if it is a few pages in. Now, grab your paintbrush and pour some of your chalk paint into a plastic cup or bowl.


Then, you will paint the top page, the sides, and the spine of the book. You don’t have to paint the bottom of the book if you’re simply going to use them in stacks around your home. But, if you’re giving them as gifts, it would probably be the right finishing touch.


Think what words you would like displayed in your home? Short, 2-5 word sayings work best. I’ve also seen book stacks that have important dates stamped on them (day of marriage, children’s birthdays), children’s names, and of course, fun versions for various holidays.


Now it’s time to stamp! I used clear stamps and a stamp grid. You can easily use rubber stamps and lightly draw a straight line on the spine of your book if you do not have a stamp grid. Gently press your stamps into the ink (whatever color you are using; I used black) and then press one letter at a time on the spine. Keep going until you spell out your words.


Once you’ve finished stamping, you can embellish the books stacks with pieces that will tie in with your home decor or whatever you’d like! I am sharing some examples in this post, but feel free to use wide or narrow ribbon, small flowers, or big flowers, or just merely wrapping twine around them is pretty too.


Which embellishment was your favorite? Book stacks are cute for any decor style, but specifically in farmhouse decor. So, take a moment to think about what supplies you may have lying around. Or head over to and get what you need to create your own book stacks. I know you will enjoy making these as much as I did!


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