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Christmas Home Tour 2018

Decor | December 12, 2018



Hi friends! I am excited to welcome you into our Christmas home, and can’t wait to share some of our spaces for this 2018 Christmas home tour. So come on in, let’s get started!

Front porch view

Front porch view


I love using farmhouse style in my home throughout the year, and especially love the feel of it during the holidays. It tends to have a nostalgic and cozy feel. For our front porch I added lots of greenery, fun Christmas themed signs, and double layered red and green mats to provide our visitors with a warm welcome.



Our entryway is decorated with seasonal pillows, signs, blankets, and twinkling lights. I shared how to create this seasonal DIY gallery wall here. Just by swapping out some of your day-to-day decor for seasonal pieces, it truly can become a holiday accent wall in no time.


These little white houses sit atop our entryway dresser, and are a great way to make a large impact with using same or similar items at a budget friendly price. These are from Target last year, but they had more this year that looked a lot like these. Speaking of houses, I share how to best prepare your home (plus your heart and children) here, many still apply even as we’re getting close to Christmas.


For most of our Christmas home, I utilized neutral Christmas decor with greenery and splashes of red. By adding a seasonal color, it can bring your home a festive feeling, especially for the bright and merry season of Christmas.



Our largest tree sits next to our fireplace area, and is adorned with ribbons, bows, farmhouse style ornaments, and lots of lights. I shared how to decorate your Christmas tree in three easy steps here. By stacking and layering all kinds of cozy fabrics and greenery it will provide family and friends alike a warm and inviting feel. For more details on our holiday hearth space, head here to see all the details and pieces I used to complete the look.



By adding a mirror to spaces, it provides more light and a feeling of the space being larger and more open. I enjoyed too, how this mirror catches the twinkling lights to add more shine in this space for Christmas.



Houzz Logo - Opaque

Our dining room held another Christmas tree, as well as some splashes of red for the holidays. I had a lot of fun creating two different Christmas tablescape options which included this festive dining party tablescape and a kid friendly Christmas table found here.


My husband helped install a DIY light wall (you can access the DIY here) in our dining room and we have loved the feel it adds when our guests have visited or just for our family in the evening.


Our antique console table got adorned with trees, a Christmas sign, and some fun red/white stripe poufs under neath. Adding soft textures amidst the harder textures (wood, metal) will give a time worn and tattered look which is so true to farmhouse style. Also, a couple of reindeer helped complete the holiday vignette.



Lastly, I wanted to share with you three of our bedrooms decorated for the holidays. From faux trees and garland to seasonal pillows and signs, adding Christmas decor in your bedrooms will make them feel so bright, cozy and in line with the rest of your home this Christmas season. I encourage you, if you’ve not decorated bedrooms for Christmas before, that you add 1-2 pieces at least this season. I know you will enjoy the extra effort! One of my favorite things about Christmas decor in bedrooms? Twinkle lights on mini trees, garland, or in glass bottles. By utilizing battery powered lights, you can add them to any space, anywhere!


Linens & Hutch



I hope y’all enjoyed our Christmas home tour 2018, it was so much fun having you come to visit. If you are not already subscribing to my weekly newsletters, you can sign up here. Get weekly tips, encouragement, special deals, and more! Sign up now and receive a free DIY Guide for making any table the perfect chippy paint table. Hope to have you join me weekly through these and wishing you each a very Merry and blessed Christmas friends!



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