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Bringing Valentines Décor Into Your Home: Part 1

Holidays | January 10, 2018


With it being the second week of January (already?!), I wanted to begin a 3 part series on bringing Valentines décor into your home.

What does is mean to bring Valentine’s décor into your home? For me, it parallels my approach with how I incorporated Christmas into my home. To keep with the continuity of your home, you will want to choose a color pallet or theme that blends well with your everyday farmhouse design.


For example, I will be adding splashes of red throughout my home to go along with my everyday neutral farmhouse design. These red ticking pillows (covers can be purchased here) compliment farmhouse style perfectly and provides that touch of red. I also plan to add a few more winter/cozy textures (i.e., faux fur) throughout my home to promote slowing down and spending time with one another. I also have a few, very budget friendly items that will add some whimsy to our spaces, such as Valentine wooden signs and a red ticking banner. In summary, my design will include adding splashes of red, cozy textures, and whimsical valentine themed items that have a farmhouse feel.

Just because valentines are red doesn’t mean it’s your only option. You could utilize black and white as your color pallet and add touches of valentines by hanging a wooden pallet heart in place of everyday wall décor.  Or, you could place a string of wooden beads with a heart tied onto it around your antique glass jugs.  


The key is to decide what your color pallet or theme is. That will guide your purchases and decisions on what to use that you already own. Once you’ve made that choice, decorating will come easily by blending valentine touches in your home.  

I’d love to hear how you decorate for Valentine’s Day in your home.  Please comment below to share your tips and tricks for this fun holiday.

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