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5 Ways to Make Your Farmhouse Entryway Stand Out

Decor | November 6, 2017


Do you believe that first impressions matter? I do, especially when people enter our homes. And, it’s usually the only space people ever see of our homes. Making your farmhouse entryway standout is something that is fun, and easy to do with these five steps. 

Wall Art

One of the ways I’ve incorporated wall art into our entryway is through a gallery wall. Gallery walls look best if you use a mix of textures, sizes, and shapes. (It’s also a great way to support small shops who make signs and other mountable décor items.) For example, my entryway incorporates wood signs, a metal word sign, a coat rack, and metal buckets filled with greenery.

If you’re not a gallery wall fan, think in 3’s for other ways to add wall art. For example, an oversized wooden clock flanked by two metal bins filled with faux stems. 


What’s cozier than coming home and sitting down to take your shoes off? Having a bench that is both functional and aesthetically appealing can add a great look to your entryway. Benches come in all shapes and sizes. The one we used in our entryway had initially been an outdoor bench that we chalk-painted blue. Using a bench in your entryway is also an excellent opportunity to showcase that thrift shop or market find.


Pillows and Blankets

Pillows and blankets are one of my favorite ways to add another dimension to an entryway. Stack pillows and drape a cozy blanket on your bench. Mixing in an element of softness with these other hard surfaces is quintessential “farmhouse,” and also pleasing to the eye.


Baskets can be used both functionally and as a way of adding more texture. Frequently, people will have large, square baskets under their benches to hold shoes. But, another idea is to set round baskets beside a bench to hold a plant. Regardless of how you utilize baskets, they help to create a “completed” design look.


What could be cozier than having a place for your family or guests to hang their coats, purses, or bags as they enter your home? In our entryway, one of my talented friends created us a wall mounted hook system with reclaimed, stained wood and metal hooks.  Currently, it holds a cotton wreath, but in the Fall and winter, it serves to hold my children’s coats and scarves.

Creating a warm and inviting farmhouse entryway doesn’t have to be hard. Just try these five steps to see how fun and easy it is to do! You’ll find that most of these items you already have on hand, though you may have to move some things around. But hopefully, you can use what you already have in a new way.

What would you add to this list?  

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