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3 Ways To Add Halloween To Your Fall Decor

Holidays | October 3, 2018

This post contains sponsored links. The items featured and linked in this post were all provided by JOANN; all opinions and reviews are my own.

mums + halloween vignette

Halloween decor can feel tricky sometimes to me. For example, do I decorate for fall then take down the fall decor and put up Halloween decor, just to then take it back down and put back up my fall decor? Or do I wait on fall decor, put up Halloween decor a little early, then only have fall decor up for a little while before Christmas arrives?

zoomed out view of halloween decor by door

 Can anyone relate? Raise your hand if you said, “YES”!

 I’ve got a great solution to this dilemma: you can have it all. I am going to share with you three ways you can ADD Halloween decor TO your fall decor.

Large white pumpkin

I don’t know about you, but it’s fun driving around and seeing everyone’s Halloween porches, so I wanted to start there in our home! And to create my Halloween look, I utilized décor I had on hand plus Halloween/fall home décor and florals from JOANN.

view looking up the stairs

So, grab some coffee, and let’s get started!

buffalo check pillow + trim

 Use The Color Black

My fall decor is primarily neutral (you can read more about it here and here), so it just made sense to add the color black for Halloween since black is considered a neutral most of the time. I loved these black and white buffalo check pillows from JOANN and wanted to make them unique by adding some of their tassel trimming (similar trim found here) for a simple little DIY. (You can find instructions on the JOANN app). I love the feel and look of cozy, especially for fall, so I also added a blanket to provide this overall warm feeling from JOANN found here.  Black looks great with white for Halloween and so I added some soft touches with these beautiful mums that sit inside a large metal pot , both from JOANN.  Lastly I sprinkled in these medium and small white pumpkins amongst the black elements for continuity of contrast. 





Halloween Themed Words

I love using words in my decor day to day, so it just makes sense to use this concept in my Halloween decor also. Plus, it looks cohesive with the rest of my home. My tip would be to use items such as a doormat, wooden sign, and pillows with words on them as they usually appear in farmhouse decor. In other words, I chose not to use items like pumpkins, pots, or baskets with words because those are items that are not typically in line with how/where I use words in decor.

BOO mat

I love the BOO mat (found here) and EEK blocks (found here) from JOANN. They are within my neutral fall decor but add the Halloween touch with the words used!

EEK Blocks
Another angle of BOO mat

A few whimsical pieces

This is fun to do, especially when it’s a holiday like Halloween! I just stuck to my color palette when adding my whimsical pieces for our porch. I chose to add some height by the door vignette by using the spooky tree from JOANN found here. It’s a “natural” element that adds some good Halloween fun.

Bo with EEK blocks

Another whimsical piece was to utilize a large cauldron (mine from JOANN can be found here ) as a pot! I merely placed a 9’‘ white mum pot into it, and it worked great!

view from up the stairs

The white pumpkins are not “whimsical” per se, but the two large ones I found at JOANN are carve-able and perfect to use for our traditional pumpkin carving without the mess!! You can find mine here.

lantern with pumpkins

Lastly, these unique lanterns (found similar here) from JOANN coordinated wonderfully with the other whimsical items and had lines that brought to mind a haunted house. You can add a candle or these pumpkins to complete the look.

caldron vignette

I couldn’t be more pleased with all of these Halloween seasonal home décor pieces and florals from JOANN. 

Mums down the stairs

Their wide selection appeals to various preferences. Whereas I chose a neutral color palette, JOANN has many colors, textures, and materials that can create whatever Halloween look you envision for your home.

white pumpkins + florals for halloween

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