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10 Decor Trends I Am Loving For Spring 2021

Collaboration | February 25, 2021

Trends are always fun to check out and see what may appeal to us or, in some cases, may not. I enjoyed scouring magazines and online articles to round up some of my favorite design trends for 2021, especially for spring decor. Come check them out and see which ones excited you!

10 Decor Trends I Love For 2021

Growing up, I loved flipping through design/decor magazines to see how people decorated homes for that season, holiday, and more. Today, we get to do that still, but we also have Pinterest, blogs, and of course, Google! Those of us in the blogging world enjoy looking at these places for what is trending and share that information with you way before you may even be thinking about Spring. But, it helps save you time and money when you are ready to bring spring decor in your home because you’ve already sorted through what you plan to use and not use!

I am sharing the ten decor trends that I love for this year, 2021.  These came up over and over again, and I was drawn to them.

Some of these concepts were already part of our everyday home decor, but other things were items I would be adding new.  I like to not buy expensive items when items can come and go from year to year, but they also need to be lovely and well made.  I knew just where to go!


I found everything I needed to share with you at JOANN! Joann had an incredible selection of on-trend decor items. I even had to turn down some things because I found myself throwing one of everything in my buggy, haha! As you can see below, I gathered up my items, and after applying the coupons, I stayed well within a decent budget while not sacrificing amazing design style.


I couldn’t wait to get home and style my new decor pieces in our home, which is just what I did. 

Now that they are all set up, I’m going to walk you through the 10 decor trends I am loving for 2021 and show you the items along the way. Let’s go!


1. Relaxed Dining Spaces

Our home is primarily inline with the modern farmhouse style, so it tends to already have a relaxed feel to it.  Having some variations in the chairs we use around the table, slipcovers, and the trestle table style all contribute to a more casual feeling.


2. Gold Accents

Adding this hurricane with the gold accent (not available online, check in stores) instantly provided one of the trends I wanted to incorporate without interfering with our farmhouse style.  I love how subtle it is but that it adds great interest to the table.


3. Wicker/Rattan Pieces

Wicker is a material I have loved through the years, so this one excites me! I saw what was labeled “trays” at JOANN, but I immediately knew that I wanted to use these for wall decor! Bringing wicker across the room (for example, not just as trays or chairs) and on the walls was fun to do for this trend.


4. Natural/Light Wood

How gorgeous is this natural color wood bowl? This was one of the first items at JOANN I found. It was in line with the decor trend and also such a pretty piece.  You can do so much with it, like draping bead garland out of it as I did here, add a plant to it, or holding your valuables at night on your dresser.


5. Eucalyptus

So eucalyptus is both literal as in the plant but also the color! I found some beautiful faux eucalyptus here and added that to the stems I already had on hand.  I am enjoying the lighter-colored leaves for Spring!


6. Plants


Both real and faux plants and trees in home decor are still very on-trend for 2021.  Many of you have mentioned that you are not great at keeping up with real house plants (I am not either!), and you’re in luck! There are so many faux options that look just as beautiful as real ones.

7. Blues

All shades of blue are trending for Spring 2021.  I am personally most drawn to navy/darker blues in my home decor.  I fell in love with these blue glass vases.  Other ideas for adding blue as an accent color include pillows, blankets, pottery pieces, and more.


8. Baskets

If you have been following along with me for any amount of time, you know my love for baskets! And recently adding plants to baskets.  As you see here, I took a faux snake plant I found at JOANN here and placed it inside of this gorgeous basket (also from JOANN!).

Tip: If the plant is too short once inside the basket, no worries! Add a furniture riser to give it the height it needs and keep it steady.


9. Pottery Pieces

I am sure you’ve seen many people in the social media world sharing all kinds of pottery pieces, whether they are giving old ones a facelift or using them on their shelves or atop tables as decor elements.  This lovely piece from JOANN was perfect for placing atop our dresser. Then I added this grass bush greenery for a fun spring look!

Tip: Having the color black somewhere in a room is a designer’s secret.  You can add it to space as I did here with a pottery piece, or try a pillow with black in it.  Splashes of black in artwork or framed photos are a great idea too.


10. Multi-Functional Pieces & Spaces


With so many people going from an office to working at home, having spaces that can serve multifunction is essential.  The same can go with our decor. These cute little stools from JOANN function wonderfully side by side as a bench, as shown in the photos above. They can also double as extra seating for little ones.  We used it here in our kitchen for that exact reason when we had company over!




I am so excited to have shared these 10 home decor trends I love for Spring 2021.  I’d love to hear below what your favorite trend you saw here and how you plan to use it?

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  1. Jean L Smith says:

    Love what you did with all your new Goodies!!!! Joann’s is the place; really nice quality decor and flowers to purchase. I enjoyed your post today and

    can’t wait to see what you will be sharing with us this month. Thanks for all the hard work you put into your blog. It shows!!!!
    your blog friend

    • Brendt Blanks says:

      Hi Jean,

      Thank you so much for stopping by, friend! I am so glad you enjoyed this post. Yes, JOANN is such an amazing place to find home decor that is lovely and budget-friendly!

      I appreciate your kind words and support so very much.

      Have a wonderful day,

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  4. Beautiful decor ! You provided such great ideas I want to start changing things now !

    • Brendt Blanks says:

      Hi Stephanie!

      Thank you so much for stopping by, and for your kind words!
      I am thrilled that the ideas were helpful for you.

      Have a wonderful day,

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