5 Must-Have Pieces For A Mid Century Modern And Masculine Office

5 Must-Have Pieces For A Mid Century Modern And Masculine Office.JPG

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5 Must-Have Pieces For A Mid Century Modern And Masculine Office.JPG

My husband recently moved into a new office space, which presented the perfect opportunity to create a space that he had been envisioning for some time now. He loves the look of mid-century pieces, and Overstock had so many options to choose from. We knew it would be the perfect place to find what he was looking for. As a publisher and co-founder of his company, he needed pieces that would function well, but also have an appealing and professional aesthetic. Also, for your convenience, I have a complete product list at the end of this post so you can recreate this exact office!

5 Must-Have Pieces For A Mid Century Modern And Masculine Office.JPG

I was so excited to start this project with my husband! In the past, he had used various mix and match pieces for his office spaces, which worked okay. But, I felt a nice office space for him to work in was long overdue! We couldn’t be happier with the way it turned out. Are you ready to see how transformative these five pieces can be when designing a modern and masculine office? The space went from a little bland and on the corporate side, to a warm, stylish environment in which to work.

5 Must-Have Pieces For A Mid Century Modern And Masculine Office.JPG
Image credit:  Overstock.com

Image credit: Overstock.com

We wanted to incorporate earth tones into the office, and what better way than to do that with an area rug?! We found this gorgeous mid-century rust/ grey abstract rug (8'10" x 12'7") on Overstock. This foundational layer set the tone for our office makeover. The mix of rust and grey immediately added warmth to this otherwise bland space. Not to mention, it is so soft and comfortable to walk on! We couldn't be happier with this rug.

Image credit:  Overstock.com

Image credit: Overstock.com

Next up was his desk. After all, he is an author and publisher and sits at his desk, writing and editing for hours at a time. This modern mid-century writing desk from Overstock was the perfect size and look for this space. He is able to have his laptop, table lamp, paper holder, and other odds and ins sit atop the desk with space to spare. Plus, it has three drawers, providing the extra storage he needed there at his fingertips. We love the modern look of it with both wood and metal incorporated into his style.

Image credit:  Overstock.com

Image credit: Overstock.com

Across from his desk, we wanted to have two armchairs for extra seating when meetings occurred in his office, or when people drop by. These mid-century ivory fabric armchairs are exactly what we had hoped for. The armchairs were easy to put together, and are super comfortable. When our son was helping us set them up, he couldn’t stop asking to sit in them because of how nice they were to sit in. Aren’t they so lovely? Plus, we knew that we wanted the chairs we chose to have arms. These were the perfect match.

Image Credit:  Overstock.com

Image Credit: Overstock.com

Bookcases are a must for someone who is always writing curriculum, books, and other resources. We knew we had to have the right ones for the office makeover. We were so happy to find these 75”, four-shelf bookcases from Overstock. My husband has a lot of books!! And, these were able to hold all of the important ones perfectly. Having his books easy to access, and in clear sight makes it so much easier for him to find things he needs when writing. Before he had smaller shelves that created stacks upon stacks, and often difficult to find what he was looking for. These open bookcases solved that problem!

Image credit:  Overstock.com

Image credit: Overstock.com

A final must-have piece was some type of storage cabinet that would hold extra books, journals, and extra office supplies, but not take up too much space. We were thrilled to find this buffet stand that has three doors and three shelves for easy access to what is being held inside. The look couldn’t be any more perfect! There was a need to bring in a lighter color piece of furniture amidst the wood pieces, and so we choose this white buffet to add that contrast. You don’t want everything to match too much! His office space has several different textures, mixes of woods, and contrast creating a warm and inviting office.


We are so thrilled about the way it turned out! Can you believe with just five decor pieces, this office went from empty to one that is fully functioning and good looking? By choosing the right pieces, you save money and energy in the long run. What is your favorite piece in this mid-century modern and masculine office? Now I am going to share with you the complete Overstock product list below!


Product List For Mid Century Modern and Masculine Office

  1. Aksel Brown Wood 3-Drawer Writing Desk iNSPIRE Q Modern found here.

  2. Abbyson Bradley Ivory Mid-Century Fabric Armchair (2) found here.

  3. Mid-century Rust/ Grey Abstract Rug - 8'10" x 12'7" found here.

  4. Ailis Brown Wood and Metal 75-inch 4-shelf Etagere Bookcase found here.

  5. Manhattan Comfort Bromma 35.43" Buffet Stand with 3 Shelves and 3 Doors found here.


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